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Attention all Canadians!

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Our delicious Pam is to host the Junos! The Junos are our Canadian Music Awards really but we call them the Junos.

Pamela Anderson to host 2006 Juno Awards

Updated Tue. Feb. 28 2006 7:46 AM ET News Staff

Canadian-born international superstar Pamela Anderson will be coming home to host the 2006 Juno Awards on April 2, an addition that is turning up the heat on an already-sizzling lineup.

"Canadian music rocks," Anderson, one of Canada's most sought-after exports, said of her hosting gig for the nation's premier music awards show.

"No matter where I am in the world I can listen to Canadian music and feel like I'm at home. This is going to be one kick-ass awards show."


Of course this couldn't have been LAST year when it was held in my hometown could it? NOOOOOO! We get Brent Butt! BOOOOOO!
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Another instance proving the fact that all the best things come from Canada.